Professional Beauty Consultants, LLC is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the beauty, spa, salon, and cosmetic industries.

With over fifty years of amassed experience, knowledge, and insight, we help companies navigate the lucrative yet complex beauty industry. We offer a highly personalized service with a deep understanding of each company we help. We provide the most up-to-date information on trends, new products, pricing strategies, and cutting edge analysis for best future prospects. We work with businesses of every size, from single-product entrepreneurs to large corporate franchises.

We will be your strongest asset and your best ally.

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Gary Udell, the principal and founder of Professional Beauty Consultants, LLC, has spent his entire professional life in the beauty industry representing and partnering with companies to help them achieve their business goals.

As a well-known leader in the industry, Gary has served on the Board of Directors for the Beauty and Barber Supply Institute, on the Manufacturer Leadership Board for the American Beauty Association, and on the Board of Directors for the City of Hope. He remains an active participant in various industry forums and panels, and is the President of Gerry Udell, Inc.

According to market insiders, there are an estimated 1.1 million salon industry establishments in the United States, comprised of salons, distributors, spas, beauty stores, beauty schools, and beauty chains. Additionally, there are as many as 2 million licensed cosmetologists in the country. These numbers underscore the vibrancy of the professional beauty industry and its growing presence in today’s business world. There are excellent opportunities for new companies looking to enter the market, as well as existing companies looking to expand with new product introduction or new market ventures.

Navigating the ever-changing beauty landscape presents numerous challenges. Today’s marketplace is more crowded than ever, and the last decade has seen a vast increase in the number and diversity of products and services. Therefore, more than ever, companies need the knowledge and guidance of a seasoned professional to help them find their way through the intricacies of the beauty industry.

Professional Beauty Consultants, LLC will work to identify your goals and then lead you through the particulars of the industry to help you achieve them.

Professional Beauty Consultants, LLC will tailor the following services to your specific needs:

  • Provide an accurate profile and overview of the industry
  • Identify and target best distribution channels
  • Set realistic obtainable goals within a feasible timeframe
  • Determine action plan for new product launch, including
    • creating a marketing plan
    • product positioning
    • establishing a pricing structure
  • Calculate viability of salon retail business versus other retail businesses
  • Connect with OTC stores, both professional and consumer-based
  • Appraise advertising and public relations needs
  • Detail payment terms to maximize cash flow
  • Assess the best option for representation of products
  • Evaluate achievable first-year expectations and expected return on investment
  • Examine opportunities in internet and e­commerce sales
  • Create a niche in the multicultural marketplace